Who is The Feral Lady?

Well hello there, Ferals (I will always call you that – whether you are truly eat-the-dirt wild or just wild at heart). IMG_3539

My name’s Hannah. I started this blog back in September 2017 to help give a voice to all the cool women crossing glaciers, running ultramarathons, climbing the worlds highest peaks and just generally crushing life – these women inspire me to get out as much as I can, and I truly hope that in sharing their stories (and mine too) I can encourage you to do the same thing. As well as getting to chat to lots of cool adventure women, I also write gear reviews, share cool routes I’ve run and occasionally will churn out a recipe when I’m feeling inspired in the kitchen!

I’m 27 years old. I climb or run almost every day and hike through the Black Mountains in Wales (that’s where I live) on my ‘rest’ days. Occasionally, I also take my paraglider out when the weather is working (and I am not). I live off lots of good coffee, green tea, noodle bowls and lentils. I live in South Wales with my tiny Greek rescue Setter called Affy. I have Cystic Fibrosis – but as long as I’m taking my tablets and exercising on the regular, then it doesn’t really affect my day to day life.

DSCF1912I work for an independent outdoor retailer called Trekitt (look us up, we are pretty rad). I’ve been there for over three years, during which time I have had the privilege of meeting some pretty incredible women – all looking to make their way into outdoor sports (be it through hiking, or climbing, or trail running). For me, that’s the best part about my job, the “where are you going?” “What can I do to help you achieve that?” “What made you think about X as a new venture?” “What training are you doing?” “What do you plan on eating?” “Lady, what questions do you have for me?” – That discussion that could ultimately lead to someone turning a daydream into an exciting hobby that takes you all over the world. I’ve found that the things we talk about – gear, hygiene, boots, dogs, careers, mountains – they all seem to make a difference. Not just to the ladies themselves, but to myself too.


This blog has become one of the things I’m most proud of and I hope you manage to find some useful information nestled in one of these pieces of writing.

To get to know me a little better I thought I’d add in 10 facts you never knew you never knew!

  1. I grew up in Africa and moved to the UK when I was 15.
  2. Step and half-siblings included, I have 7 siblings – Christmas time is the MOST fun!
  3. I drove ALL the way to Greece to pick up our rescue dog – It was simultaneously one of the best and most stressful road trips of my life, but I would do it 100 times over just for her.
  4. And on that note, I adore dogs (who’d have thought it?) – I will absolutely ask EVERY passerby if I can stroke their 4-legged friends.
  5. I’ve been vegan since the end of 2018. There are so many reasons why, but the main one is for environmental reasons. I don’t believe we can keep living the way we do and still expect the global climate crisis to improve. Somethings got to give.
  6. Before working for Trekitt I managed a hotel in the middle of the gorgeous Welsh countryside.
  7. I run a LOT. You may have picked that up if you’ve read any of my blogs. I trained myself to run a 50-mile ultra in 7 months – I wasn’t running whatsoever before then. And I don’t plan on stopping at all! My aim is to attempt my first 200+ mile event in 2021.
  8. My dream is to one day buy a plot of woodland and live in a converted shipping container.
  9. I am the most terrible human being at waking up, I find the whole experience rather traumatic.
  10. I am incredibly impulsive – road trips, gear, new hobbies – I’m definitely a ‘do it now and ask questions later’ kind of person.


Hopefully, that’s cleared up a little bit about who I am – If you have any further questions then pop me an email or send me a message on the ol’ social media!

Speak to you soon, Ferals!


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