In the pouring rain I roared.

My chest felt hollow and full of noise.

A giant endless crevasse cracking through my body.

I cried in vain as the raindrops melded with my tears.

The mountains were testing me, ripping me apart at the seams and putting me back together in her image.

I had been scared, not weak, but scared over and over again for the last 4 hours.

The rain beat against my face.

The wind howled and flattened me, pushing my hands into the ground, connecting me to the Earth.

And every time I howled back, desperately clinging on to my body at the seams.

It didn’t matter.

She ripped me apart and rebuilt me anyway.

When I emerged from the tops of the hills I was beaten and broken, but I was full of energy.



I raced down the switchbacks laughing.

Mud on my face. Sticks in my hair. Bruises on my knees. Blood on my knuckles.

I am stronger than I ever thought I was.

I am stronger than anyone thought I was.

My strength, determination, grit and soul not only kept me going but would keep me coming back.

Again and again. No matter the storm.

You are all powerful, all creating, all howling, all building, all exploring, all wonderful woman.

Say it.


Say it like the word has never been abused, tainted, weakened, shrunk or spoken out of spiteful lips.


Say it like you were born of soil and roots.

Say it like you blood is the rivers that tear through the mountains.

Say it like your heart is the very volcanic core that centres the entire planet.

Say it like you were born to take up this space.



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