Gear in Review || Ineo Pro Pants from Montane

Good Afternoon Ferals!

I realise that I haven’t done a gear review in what feels like forever, so I thought I’d share with you my favourite piece to come out of this summer – The Ineo Pro Pants from Montane. I have used and abused them all summer and they still look just as good as the day I bought them! So as usual, let’s break down the techy stuff before I voice my opinion.


The Material

The leggings are constructed using Montane’s Mala Stretch; a durable, abrasion resistant, stretchy and breathable material which is not only ideal for high-output activities such as running, mountain walking and trekking, but, due to being incredibly comfortable are also just as appropriate for travelling (i wear mine to work on the regular).

The Fit

These fall into Montanes ‘Slim Fit’ fit block. They fit snug to the body like a legging rather than a trouser, but, due to the cut and the 4-way stretch, give enough articulation in the knees for long scrambling days.

The Features

Super simple – two large pockets that will easily take a phone and a sweat-wicking waistband with an adjustable cord on the inner. Topstitched seams remove the risk of rubbing, even when you’re out all day in the searing heat. Simple, yet as functional as it needs to be!


In My Opinion

The Good

The versatility is what really impressed me. I was comfortable climbing indoors and outdoors, scrambling, walking, trekking and just general day to day goodness. The seams are low profile and don’t chafe and they are tough enough to put up with a good beating. The pockets are great – the bits in them don’t dig in and the zip works well at ensuring you don’t drop things on your belayers head. The fit is ideal – snug enough to feel and look great, but stretchy and articulated enough to not be impractical or restrictive. They are also great if you get stuck in a downpour – they dry incredibly quickly and are still effective at shielding you from the wind whilst they dry out.

The Bad

The waistband isn’t as comfortable as it could be – it digs in a bit, especially if you have a pack or a harness on. All of my running tights and shorts have large elasticated waistbands that sit much comfier around my waist and love handles. Don’t worry though, it’s not an all day annoyance thing, just something new to adjust to. After a while, I wasn’t really bothered by it anymore.

The Ugly

Something went a bit funny with the sizing! I had to go for a Regular leg length as opposed to a short leg length and that NEVER happens (I am 5’1″). The short leg was still about an inch too short and sat just above my ankles – not ideal. I definitely recommend trying them on before taking the labels off and committing to them!


In Conclusion

Bravo Montane – I think you’ve successfully bridged the gap between comfortable gym leggings and practical outdoor trousers. With the addition of some Merino leggings, I will absolutely continue to wear them throughout the winter (and hopefully for many years to come).

Retailing at £80, these guys come in on par (price wise) with the large majority of Nike Leggings but will last you 3 times as long. To me, it’s a no-brainer. Sports leggings offer no protection from the wind, rain or the other elements you are likely to incur whilst you’re out on the hills – not only do these look and feel great, but they also offer you a reliable barrier of defence against mother nature, whilst helping to keep you sweat free!

That’s all for this week, Ferals. Fire me any questions if I’ve missed anything.

Have a great weekend!


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