Run of The Month || The Crickhowell Loop

Good afternoon Ferals!

And what a jolly week it’s been, right? I love late September sunshine and the way it shows off the leaves as they turn their brilliant shades of amber. Jamie and I explored the Lakes last weekend and I am already eagerly planning another trip there next month JUST so I can run up those beautiful, dramatic mountains.


The nights are drawing in, but with them comes a new, exciting prospect – headtorch running! I adore running with a head torch – your senses are heightened, your concentration is working hard and hills feel less… hilly. The other night Siobhan and I turned off our headtorches at the top of a long climb and stared at the stars – the full moon lit up the valley (to the point where we could see our own shadows) and we just stood in awe of the place we get to call home.


Recently, I’ve been exploring a lot of trails that start right from my front door. I know it sounds like the obvious thing to do, but I am guilty of feeling like I have to venture further to find big adventures, and that’s just not true. So, this is my favourite route that I’ve found so far. It’s about 14.5 km but can be extended really easily.


Leaving from Crickhowell High Street, the route works up the road towards Llangenny and then along trails through farmland and up the river into Llangenny. From there, you get on the road that works it’s way up the side of the Sugarloaf – it’s a long, tough slog, but it’s gorgeous. You don’t go all the way up the Sugarloaf though, instead, at about the halfway point (and after a few farm fields) you follow the trail around the side of the Sugarloaf before dropping back down to the river. This path is gorgeous and SO much fun. It starts through ferns and then goes through farms, orchards and a bit of forestry. Cross the river here into a field of cows (who were curious but left us alone) and turn left on to the road. After about 1km you’ll come to a fork in the road – head right up towards Llanbedr. In Llanbedr take the second left turning (the first is just a culdesac).

Up the road you’ll reach a T-junction – here is a nice place to extend your run if you like – you can turn right and then come off the road a short while after and head up Table top mountain (which has beautiful views of the Sugarloaf and Crickhowell) and then drop down into Crickhowell – this’ll add about another 2km.


I headed left at the T-junction and wound my way down the road into Crickhowell, and then ate my bodyweight in food.

  • Distance: 14.50km
  • Ascent: 379m (more if you add on the extra 2km at the end)
  • Plodding time: 2hr 19mins

The more we do the more we find, and we are having a truly joyous time discovering our local trails!


Catch you soon, Ferals. Have a great weekend.


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