Four Easy Household Plastic Alternatives

Good Afternoon Ferals!

You may remember my very first plastic savvy blog a few months ago (if not, you can catch up here) where I covered A LOT of plastic 19959211_469035283451008_1555747322986255865_n.jpgalternatives – It was a bit of a monster (I got a bit excited). So for future plastic-free blogs I’ll try to make them a bit more bite-sized!

A couple of weeks ago I met up with Charlie (check out her awesome blog here!) to see how she got on with her plastic free July and you know, just how life is in general. Being based in Crickhowell I’m very fortunate to have Natural Weigh right on my doorstep, so (after a coffee and a hefty load of pancakes) we took the opportunity to top up some bits whilst she was around. Here’s what I picked up:

  1. Beeswax (or Vegan) Food Wraps // I tried to buy these MONTHS ago but they kept selling out (I obviously wanted to support my local rather than just Amazon-ing it). I adore these quirky food wraps – I keep a set at home and a large one folded up in my bag ‘just in case’. They are easy to use and easy to clean. The beeswax ones hold their shape a bit better than the vegan ones, but it hasn’t really bothered me. You could use some brown string to bind them if it really bugs you.
  2. Solid Shaving Soap (in recyclable packaging) // After finding alternatives to packaged shampoo, conditioner, deodorant and toothpaste – I decided to give this little shaving bar a go (the packaging is cardboard and can be chucked into your normal recycling); I was really impressed! It doesn’t dry out your skin at all and fits easily into one of my LUSH tin containers for transportation. Another bonus to replacing your shower care regime – because all of the above are in solid form, you don’t have to hurriedly shove a load of bottles into a way-too-small plastic bag at airports (It really helped me out a couple of weeks ago).DSCF9648
  3. Zero Waste Washing Up Sponge // You know that weird happy feeling you get when you get rid of your grimy sponge that’s falling apart and replace it with a brand new one? Well, with this little dude you can have that feeling over and over again, without the guilt of throwing another bit of plastic into the bin – I just pop mine in the wash with the tea towels and he’s good as new! The underside is the tougher hessian surface which is great for getting stuck into the pots, and the softer cotton upper works well on the non-stick pans. Win-win!
  4. Biodegradable Cotton Buds // They’re a thing! It’s actually not even rocket science – the ‘stick’ bit is just wood (bamboo, I think), like a toothpick; and Tah-da! No more plastic cotton buds being carried around the ocean by seahorses. These are picked and packed by Natural Weigh, but after some digging (really not very much) you can also buy them from &Keep.

And that’s it for this instalment, folks! Hopefully, I’ve given you some things to look in to. If you’ve found something exciting recently and you want to share it, then leave a comment in the section below!

Have a good weekend, Ferals!


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