The Feral Lady’s New Addition

Good afternoon fellow Ferals!

I know it’s all been quite quiet recently, but Jamie and I have just gotten back from exploring South-East Europe – and what an adventure we’ve had (to catch up, have a peek at my Instagram)! We drove to and climbed in Croatia for eight days (everything from massive mountainous multi-pitches, to deep water soloing and everything in between), and then drove on to Greece to collect our the new addition to our family. This is Affy.


Part English Setter, part tiny. We’ve been planning her arrival for months and decided to combine her travel back to the UK with our planned climbing trip to Croatia (the blog for which is being written and will be with you soon!). The 36-hour drive home (broken up by lots of walkies, naps and wee-wee stops) went surprisingly well and gave us all the necessary time to bond. She’s pretty shy but she learns so much every day and we couldn’t be happier. She’ll be the most amazing mountain dog in no time – and I can’t wait! I look forward to posting lots about our adventures in the very near future.

That’s all for now, Ferals; I’ll be seeing you very soon with a fat new blog on our climbing adventures in Croatia.


Have a happy, sunny week (and go cuddle a dog; it’s great).

H (and A)

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