The Feral Lady || 6 Months In || A Thank You

Good afternoon fellow ferals!

I have no advice, reviews or recipies this week I’m afraid – Instead, I just wanted to post a simple ‘thank you’. Today marks the 6 month birthday of The Feral Lady and my 27th blog post.

Over the last 6 months I have gained almost 1000 monthly readers, met and talked to the most incredible women, gained a few subscribers, tested some truly wonderful pieces of kit and climbed some crazy mountains – I’ve also gained this incredible platform that allows me to share it all with the world (albeit a very small portion of the world).


I keep writing because you encourage me to; The Feral Lady would not be the growing force that it is without you guys. So thank you for coming back each week, reading my ramblings and then deeming them worthy to share with your friends and family – it is the greatest compliment I have ever received.


The next 6 months will (hopefully) be spent in a lot of sunshine and outdoorsy goodness. Jamie and I have a trip to Croatia planned, some BIG charity walks are in the diaries too, some of the most incredible kit is starting to make its way into the shop ready for the summer and the WOMEN! Souls full of fire, heads full of dreams and hearts full of love – and I can’t wait to share it ALL with you.

So, cheers to the next six months folks. Thanks for keeping me feral.


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Instagram: @theferallady

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