Dating a Feral Lady || 11 Date ideas that don’t suck

Good evening happy humans!

So fun story, this blog post was actually scheduled to post on Tuesday evening to assist everyone in avoiding the cliché Valentines Day date scenario. However, my post was deleted (oh joy) and what followed was a series of heated emails to the WordPress Team – in conclusion, my post had to be completely rewritten. Ah, the joys of the internet. Always backup your work kids! I do think that this post is still relevant though – we don’t only go on one date a year (or we shouldn’t – dating is fun!).

Yesterday, like many other folk, my social media feed was bombarded with men and women readying themselves for an evening of cinema outings, wining and dining. You know, cus that’s what society deems to be a ‘successful date setup’. I honestly couldn’t think of anything worse; is that really your best effort? We date for one main purpose: to get an idea for who you are and to see if we can be together for a long period of time – I can guarantee that a clever and ‘unconventional’ date will work in your favour. So here’s 11 date ideas that you can stick in the back of your head and use at your leisure!


  1. Trampolining // We LOVE anything active; and whilst this may not be the place to discuss world issues and climate change, it IS a hub of belly giggles, silly tricks and diving into foam pits. Plus, you’ll get to see your (potential) other half revert back to a form of pure childhood happiness – no phones, no distractions, just a heck of a lot of fun.
  2. Hammock under the stars // So you may have to save this one for when the weather gets a bit nicer. Drive out to somewhere beautiful, light a fire and just relax. Wrap a couple of potatoes up in foil (Poke each potato several times all over with a fork. Smear each potato with 1 tablespoon of butter, then double wrap in aluminum foil. Bury the potatoes in the hot coals. Allow to cook for 30 to 60 minutes until soft.) and leave them on the fire to cook whilst you set up the hammock. Bring lots of blankets and pillows and just take joy in the simplicity of stars and silence. +10 romance points!
  3. Dino Snores for Grown Ups // Okay, brace yourself. I have never been so excited. Every couple of months the Natural History Museum in London hold a sleepover for adults. It takes a bit of prior planning an tickets for the event come in at £180 pp – So it’s definitely a ‘special occasion’ kinda date. You get a LOT for your money though.
    “The night begins with a welcome drink as you set up camp in Hintze Hall. As the evening gets under way, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy a range of activities, including a delicious three-course dinner, a trip to our galleries and temporary exhibitions, live music, gin sampling with Sipsmith, stand-up comedy, science show, dinosaur-themed games room, live animal workshop, a pub quiz, edible insect tasting and an all-night monster movie marathon. Cash bars will be serving drinks and nibbles throughout the night and in the morning you’ll be treated to a full English breakfast and the chance to join a yoga session.”
    You can book tickets here!
  4. Open air cinema // If you really insist on doing the cinema thing then at least make it exciting! Again, this’ll probably have to wait for better weather, but there is something extra special about watching a movie on a blanket with a bottle of vino.
  5. Cheese fondue, on a picnic blanket up a pretty hill at sunset // This is one that can be enjoyed all year round – with a bit of googling it’s pretty easy to find some killer camp stove cheese fondue recipes (I do recommend trying them at home a couple of times before braving it in front of your date). Remember to pack a couple of blankets incase it turns chilly.
  6. Homemade Pizza and Fort Building // So dating doesn’t need to be expensive – who’d have thunk it, right? You can have some real fun in your own home. If you’re not confident in making your own, then pick up some ready-made dough from the supermarket along with ALL the pizza toppings. Then spend some time making silly faces with pineapple chunks. I also recommend finding some silly aprons (it’ll take some hunting around.. possibly shops like TK Maxx or TIGER will have some) and letting her keep hers at the end of the night. Then, whilst the pizzas are in the oven, assemble a fort in the living room with as many blankets, pillows, and fairy lights as you can muster. Once the pizzas are done, squirrel yourselves away in the fort and watch some David Attenborough.
  7. Take us out for a day of voluntary work // It doesn’t need to be hard – take us for a drive down to the beach with a couple of bin bags and let’s do our own beach clean. Then, sort all the bits into the local recycling and go for a fish and chips. Simple and effective. Plus, you feel really good after helping the planet.
  8. A day of bouldering // This is one that can be enjoyed no matter the weather – go to an indoor climbing centre if the weather is rubbish, or head outside if the weather is good.
  9. Wild swim // lakes, sea, rivers, ocean – it all has a similar effect. If it is really cold then you may want to consider wetsuits – but in the summer, pants are usually sufficient. Make sure to take some soup or coffee with you in a flask though so you can warm up quickly afterwards.
  10. An all-day trek // This will take a bit more planning – make sure you have plenty of food (in the winter, take lots of soup to help keep warm) and water (read my post on what to pack on a day hike). Show her that’s she’s worth a whole day! No phones, no distractions, just some good, clean, fresh air and some adventure.
  11. A cool workshop // maybe meditation and mindfulness, or bush crafts, or wood carving or cider making – anything that involves expanding our horizons together. That’s pretty hot.

Well, I hope that’s helped someone! Fun fact, Dating a Feral Lady has been my most read post EVER! This makes me happy for two reasons 1. The fellow feral ladies out there know they aren’t alone and 2. The guys who are looking to date us have a bit more insight into our needs and expectations. Win Win!

image5 (2)

If you’ve had a successful ‘unconventional’ Valentine’s Day date (or an unsuccessful one!) then pop it in the comments below so we can continue to help each other!

See you next week!


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2 thoughts on “Dating a Feral Lady || 11 Date ideas that don’t suck

  1. Mine and my partners first date was a climbing trip! I’d never been before and it was hard of course, but he did so many little things to help me, and packed my favourite picnic foods even though it made his bag heavier, and a slack line for me to play on when you hands were too sore to climb…

    He had it covered! That was 5 years ago now, our only conventional dates are for marvel movies (other franchises are available) and the odd really amazing steak house!

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  2. Valentine’s Day this year was a lie in followed by a short but strenuous climb up to some beautiful views. The whole thing was made even more special because it was the day before a national holiday which myself and my partner had both managed to have off, so we had the trail all to ourselves (except for the cute older couple we met at the summit). Definitely not much of a conventional dater myself!

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